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Upcoming events that CCENV will be Attending and office will be closed.

August 14 - 18  Tester Training in Elko Nevada 

August 28 - 31  Utah Rural Water Conference Ogden Utah

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Cross Connection Environmental offers ABPA tester training and ASSE repair training.

Cross Connection Environmental consulting and onsite training with Ken Ashlock.

Cross Connection Environmental offers test kit calibration and Mid-west certified Repairs.


Just had to reach out and give a thank you. I took my first tester class/exam  with you guys in Phoenix back in 2006   while working for a local city.  our instructor/teacher  was an older gentleman I think he worked for the school district if memory is correct. I now live in Ca but while taking my recert today I  realized in my 18 years of work in municipal water service I have never had a class in which I have retained so much information and knowledge from. Ken and staff have an awesome program going and just wanted to let you know it’s the best I’ve taken in my career. Thank y’all for all you have done for the industry!



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