The course consists of 40 hours of classroom and lab time. Manuals can be purchased ahead of time or at the training facility. You can also download to manual to any device, as well as print it out on your own. 

MONDAY is spent studying the theory of backflow and all the causes of backflow with applicable laws and ordinance.

TUESDAY is spent learning nationally recognized test procedures and applying them in "real world" situations

WEDNESDAY trainees work on trouble shooting the valves that have simulated failures and memorizing test procedures

THURSDAY trainees practice for the written exam on Friday and the practical exam on Saturday.

FRIDAY trainees take the written ABPA tester certification, which is a multiple choice test with 100 questions. Questions range from history of backflow, troubleshooting and theory covered in class all week. A trainee must receive a 70% to pass the written exam. After the exam the rest of the day is spent in the lab practicing. 

SATURDAY all trainees will perform the practical exam with an ABPA proctor in the lab. Trainees will demonstrate their skills at identifying backflow valves that have been set up with simulated failures. Proctors will witness and evaluate the proper skills to test backflow assemblies. 

Upon successful completion of the ritten and practical tests, a certification from ABPA, a nationally recognized testing organization, will be issued to the applicant. The certification is valid for 3 years, at which time to tester will have to recertify 

Cancelation Policy

Cross Connection Environmental' s cancelation policy for training courses is:

 Each student must complete a registration form.  A space will be reserved only after payment for that class has been received. Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, purchase order, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, mail, telephone, or fax.  Because class size is limited, no refund will be issued to a student who does not attend class and does not cancel the registration 3 weeks prior to start date.  In the event Cross Connection Environmental cancels, a class, all students will be given the option to attend at a rescheduled date or receive a full refund. All returned checks are subject to a $40.00 returned check fee. All registrations can be used for another company employee, if you so choose.