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Kenneth Ashlock


     Ken Ashlock is the President of Cross Connection Environmental. Ken was employed by the City of Tempe from June of 1973 to June of 2006. During that time, he held multiple positions, which include Maintenance worker, Meter shop Repairman, and Utility Maintenance Worker III. He has many years’ experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of 3/4 through 2-inch water services, as well as 4 through 14 inch water mains. Other duties included reading and drawing of as-built drawings. In November 1985 Ken was promoted as the Cross-Connection Control Specialist for the City of Tempe's Cross Connection Control Program. He was the program administrator responsible for more than 4700 municipal and privately owned assemblies.

     Ken acquired his training from the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California.  He holds certificates as a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester and Cross Connection Specialist from American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA), which he has been a member of since 1985. He was instrumental in the Formation of the Arizona Chapter of the American Backflow Prevention Association.

     Ken has been instructing classes in Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing since 1988. Ken has been an instructor in Backflow Tester certification for Gateway Community College and is currently an instructor for both Cross Connection Environmental LLC and Arizona Chapter ABPA.


Ken’s Accomplishments:

1992-1993 AZABPA Chapter President

1994-1996 Regional Director

1996-1997 Vice President

1997-1999 International President

2002 Meritorious Award

2018 Sueo Murakomi Memorial Award

Heather Ashlock


     Heather Ashlock has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Weber State University. She has been a School teacher in Utah for both Public and Private schools. She was employed as Director of Education by The Sylvan Learning Center in June of 2008, a position she left due to family Illness. 

     In March of 2010, Heather came to Arizona and became a member of Cross Connection Environmental LLC. She soon became the principle managing member of the Corporation. Heather is a certified backflow assembly tester through ABPA, and has completed the 40 hour specialist training. With this knowledge she has also been working in the classroom, as well as in lab instruction since 2011.

     Heather’s principle duties are to oversee and evaluate Cross Connection Environmental’s Training, in order to improve the quality of training and the Pass / Fail Ration of both the written and hands on training. 

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