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New Service Update

Hello Valued Customers and Clients,

As many of you know we have postponed any and all training classes until June 2020 but we are still open for business today. Cross Connection Environmental is still taking in Test kits for calibration, as well as order for simulation boards and consulting.

Cross Connection Environmental is looking to introduce a new service to all of our clients. We think Ken’s consulting is an asset to any company or client and we want to make him available to anyone who needs him. As many of you know Ken has been in the backflow industry for 40 years and with that comes a plethora of knowledge about all aspects, including repairing backflow assemblies, testing, training, and so much more. Starting soon, Cross Connection Environmental will begin offering a subscription service for Ken’s consulting services.

What does this include? Well, this subscription will include access to Ken directly for any question, or advice you might need. He would be just a phone call away for you.

How much will this subscription cost? We have broken the subscriptions down to monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments. One month is $50, 3 months is $140, 6 months $280 and for a annual subscription $500.

How is this different than the normal consulting services you offer? The normal consulting fee is still $95 an hour and that includes Ken’s presence on location. With the subscription you have uninterrupted access to Ken for any questions you might have, where his physical presence is not necessary.

Cross Connection Environmental is looking into adding this service in the next couple weeks and we look forward to offering this service to you. Please look for more information to come in our Newsletter and on the website.

Thank you for your continued support,

Cross Connection Environmental Team

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