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This year has been an eventful year for cross connection environmental. We would first like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy and eventful new year.

Our year started out very slowly and as the year went on We picked up speed and ended the year very strong.. However our year was not without sorrow we lost a sister and a father this year and had a few illnesses but all in all it was a pretty good year and we would like everyone in the backflow community know that we are still strongly involved and active in bringing backflow education to every person that we come in contact with.

We would like the water purveyor's all across the country to know that we are here to help you in your programs we are but a phone call away from helping you improve and expand your backflow programs.

We are willing to travel and take our training to wherever it needs to be done. As we go across this nation and see what other training providers are offering we know that we have a very good and viable training to offer your testers testing in your area our training is the best by far and will deliver you a competent and educated tester or specialist.

We would like to offer the training providers out there a way to improve their training programs. Our training simulator gives the tester that he tools that he needs to be able to identify the problems in the assemblies when he leaves the classroom and take the guesswork out of testing backflow assemblies. We believe that a tester will not only know what's wrong with the assembly but it will help them identify what needs to be repaired and no longer will we see testers replacing assemblies that don't need to be replaced. We believe this will make your job as an instructor easier and less subjective than it's ever been before our simulation board and station is our best kept secret and we no longer want it to be a secret we want everyone to take advantage of what we have have used successfully for more than sixteen years.

Again we would like to wish all of our customers and and colleagues across this nation a very Merry Christmas and a very very prosperous 2018.

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